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Two of the biggest names in new media are expanding into more traditional film and television projects. The Earwolf Podcast Network is starting to develop and produce shows for television, while Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s popular comedy website Funny or Die is working on its first slate of feature films.



Jeremy Seglem began his acting career about five years ago, in a collection of short comedic web videos called “Treading Water.” Since then, in partnership with writer/director Tim Young, he’s continued to produce original video content for the web — first as the co-creator and star of the mockumentary series “Twilight with Steve Cooper” and its follow-up, “Behind the Steve,” and now as the co-creator and writer of “Cop/Cop,” a new improvised comedy series starring Tyler Gilmore and Rob Cuthill as two inept cops who will go to any lengths to get a confession.

'Cop/Cop' title screen shot

The first episode of “Cop/Cop,” titled “Old Dogs,” premiered online this week, and another episode has been selected to debut at the Channel 101 program at this year’s New York Television Festival on Friday night in NYC. Channel 101 is a monthly series in which five-minute shows are screened for a live audience, who vote to “cancel” some series and “renew” others, new episodes of which are then presented as part of the new “prime time lineup” at the event the next month.

“I have not experienced a live situation, where people will laugh at something I’ve made,” Seglem says. “So my goal is just to have people laugh at it. That’s really all I can ask. It’d be nice to advance, but as long as people think it’s funny, I don’t care.”

Watch the first episode of “Cop/Cop” below, then read my Q&A with Seglem to learn more about his creative process, how he finds an audience for funny three-minute videos among so much competition online, and why all actors should take on the role of a casting director.

(Warning: Language and situations may be NSFW)

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