punchline magazine 5th anniversary show at comix

PunchlineMagazine.com, an online publication devoted to comedy, celebrates its fifth anniversary this month with two star-studded stand-up comedy shows, in NYC and L.A. First, on Tuesday, Oct. 5 at Comix in NYC, comedians Michael Ian Black, Christian Finnegan, Todd Barry, Hannibal Buress, and others will perform to toast one the of the best online resources for comedy news, reviews, interviews, and more.

“I wanted to launch a site that was covering stand-up comedy the way other arts have been covered for decades before,” says Dylan Gadino, Punchline Magazine Editor-In-Chief. “I’m really proud of it. It’s gotten increasingly popular each year. I get the sense, for sure, that comedians like what we’re doing and respect what we’re doing.”

Gadino’s mission is to encourage audiences to appreciate comedy the way it should be: as an art form, the craft of practiced and talented performing artists. My thoughts exactly.

Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan at Punchline's 4th Anniversary Show

“Writing about comedy always has its pitfalls,” says comedian Christian Finnegan, who is hosting Punchline’s 5th Anniversary Show at Comix on Tuesday.  “But there are people out there who love stand up comedy — it’s true, I’ve met them! — and they’ve been under-served for so long.  There are hundreds of magazines devoted to music, film, and literature.  But because the prevailing feeling has been that stand up comedy isn’t capital A ‘Art,’ it hasn’t been included in the discussion.

“Part of this is the nature of comedy itself,” Finnegan adds. “The main goal of most comedians is to make what we do appear effortless.  So we can’t then be shocked when the world assumes it requires no effort.  Sites like Punchline highlight the fact that great comedy, the kind that lasts, is about more than just making fart sounds and sexually harassing bachelorette parties.” Read the rest of this entry »