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kaiser-chiefs_yours-trulyYours Truly, Angry Mob
The Kaiser Chiefs
Key Tracks: “Ruby,” “The Angry Mob,” “Thank You Very Much”

Their high-energy 2005 debut album, Employment, launched the Kaiser Chiefs into international stardom. This week, the UK rock band tries to match that success with their highly-anticipated follow-up, Yours Truly, Angry Mob. Read the rest of this entry »


'I Think I Love My Wife'

Comedian Chris Rock expected some criticism for his new movie, “I Think I Love My Wife,” in which he plays a black family man living in white suburban Westchester and working in an even whiter Manhattan investment banking firm. Many critics say he’s gone soft, and fans worry that he’s lost his edge.

But Rock is OK with that. Read the rest of this entry »

acdc-back-in-blackMost rock ‘n’ roll fans know that 1980 should have been a very bad year for Aussie hard-rock act AC/DC. Shortly after the band had finally reached international acclaim with 1979’s Highway to Hell, lead screamer Bon Scott died suddenly in true rock-star fashion (he choked on his own vomit in the back seat of his car). And that could have been the end of it.

They weren’t finished yet, though – within the next five months, the band found a new singer, wrote 10 new songs and released its seventh studio album. Read the rest of this entry »

I woke up early this morning,
Didn’t know who I was,
Your heavy head still on my pillow.
You exhale, stale with alcohol.

If someone had told me that this is how
Love would all go down
(‘Cause it’s going down),
Then they may have saved me from your touch.
— Deidre Muro, “Red Afternoon”

Standing onstage with her guitar and sipping a rum and coke, a faint smile spreads across Deidre Muro’s face as the spotlight fades. Halfway through her set at the East Village’s Sidewalk Cafe, the last notes of her brooding reflections on lost love seem to hang in the air for a moment before rising applause takes over the candlelit room. Read the rest of this entry »