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To keep her skin pristine, this top parts model won’t cook, schlep garbage or go out ungloved.


American Express. Avon. McDonalds. Neutrogena. Pampers. Panasonic. Sprint. Tums.

You’ve seen Ellen Sirot advertise all of these products and companies, though you’d never know it.

Sirot, 37, is a top parts model: she specializes in showing off her hands, feet and legs. Earning as much as several thousand dollars a day working for TV and magazine ads, she is a supermodel in a competitive field most people have never heard of. Read the rest of this entry »


New Internet sites link directors, actors and editors — easing the arduous process of moviemaking just a little.

After her original editor bailed, writer/director Nancy O’Mallon desperately needed a film editor for her first feature documentary, about a journey across New Jersey’s blueberry country.

She turned to the online network Shooting People and found Melissa Ulto in New York.

“We ended up working really well together, and now we are partnering on a few other projects,” said Ulto, who became both editor and animator for O’Mallon’s The Mighty Humble Blueberry.

Part social network, part job search and message board, and part video showcase, Shooting People and other new sites like it are helping filmmakers, actors and crew find each other to produce films — and also to show films to new audiences. Read the rest of this entry »