Back Stage 05.17.12 front cover Hugh Dancy

The following articles by Daniel Lehman were published in the May 17-23, 2012 issue of Back Stage:

Cover Story: Hugh Dancy Surrenders to Sex and Taboos on Broadway and Big Screens
The star of Broadway’s “Venus in Fur” and the new film “Hysteria” shares his worst audition experience and why a film career caught him by surprise.

Hugh Dancy on Casting for Chemistry
The British heartthrob and star of “Venus in Fur” and “Hysteria” explains why onscreen chemistry is usually a result of hard work offscreen.

Sheila Jaffe Reminds Actors to Thank Their CD
How the manager of a restaurant became the Artios- and Emmy Award-winning casting director of “The Sopranos,” “Entourage,” and dozens of feature films.

New York’s Production Boom Means More Work for Actors and CDs
Casting director James Calleri explains how the increase in film and TV production in NYC means more opportunities for actors and casting directors.

Cross-Country Auditioning
Regional combined auditions such as StrawHat, UPTA, and SETC give performers the opportunity to audition for dozens of companies at once.

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