Dave and Ethan: Double Date Us

Dave and Ethan: Double Date Us

About two years ago, Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell began challenging pairs of women to double date them, then documented the hilarious results in a series of YouTube videos. They’ve adapted their internet phenomenon into a live show with embarrassing stories, video testimonials, special guests, and maybe even another date. Dave and Ethan bring “Dave and Ethan: Double Date Us” to the UCB Theatre tonight at 7 p.m. to kick off the final night of Sketchfest NYC 2010.

I spoke with Dave and Ethan via email before their Sketchfest NYC debut. (“We actually both wrote all the answers together,” they explain, “which is kinda weird… because, apparently, we do everything together.”) Read the Q&A below to learn more about Dave and Ethan and their upcoming Sketchfest NYC show.

What are your expectations of Sketchfest NYC, and of your first performance at the festival?

Dave and Ethan: We’ve always been big fans of Sketchfest, so we’re super excited to finally be participants. Our main expectation is to finally meet our future wives in the audience of our show. Or just one-night wives.

For audiences who have never seen you perform, describe Dave & Ethan’s comedy and performance style.

As dating experts who have been on close to 200 double dates (most of which were disastrous), we’re aiming for uncomfortable laughter. Dating in general tends to make most people uncomfortable — some miserable, even. So we attempt to shed some light on that misery (though often making ourselves miserable in the process).

What are you most looking forward to about Sketchfest NYC? And how has performing in and around NYC prepared you for it?

As native New Yorkers who have performed in the city for years, we’ve also recently embarked on a national college tour. So, although we have a uniquely New York style, we feel we can also relate to all types of Americans, which has hopefully prepared us for an event as large as Sketchfest.

This year, we’re especially looking forward to performing for people who have not yet seen us. And by “people,” we mean ladies. And by “us,” we mean “our genitals.”

What are your goals performing at Sketchfest?

We’d just liked to be exposed to as many people as possible. (See previous question for further clarification.)

What can you tell us about your upcoming Sketchfest performance, and why should audiences be excited?

Unlike most acts, we blend sketch, improv, and stand-up for a unique performance. Those who come to our shows are less like spectators, and more like participants in a romantic — yet enlightening — evening out with us. We use reenactments, original songs, and valuable lessons in everything from dancing to kissing in order to educate audiences in the art of dating.

How were you chosen for this year’s festival, and what made you decide to apply?

We sent in a video of what we thought were our strongest bits, and fortunately, the Sketchfest committee seemed to think they were strong, too.

We also seduced the judging panel. And yes, the judging panel is co-ed.

You’re sharing a bill with the Chicago-baes sketch group Germans tonight, correct? Have you seen them perform before, and do you feel that Germans and Dave & Ethan share a common comedy sensibility?

We know nothing about Germans, except the fact that they killed millions of our ancestors. Just kidding — we love Germans!  We will, however, be watching their act through a hole in the floor of UCB’s attic. We don’t want to risk anything.

Are there any other groups performing at Sketchfest NYC that you are especially excited to see or work with, or who you feel are most“simpatico” with Dave & Ethan?

We performed with [Two Fun Men] at Gentrify Brooklyn for their first ever sketch show, and they really impressed us. Arthur Meyer, from Two Fun Men, is also with Pangea 3000, another amazing sketch group performing this year. We’re also looking forward to seeing our friends in Rue Brutalia and New Excitement.


For more info and videos, visit DaveandEthan.com. And if you’d like to ask them questions — or go on a double date with Dave and Ethan — email daveandethan@yahoo.com. “We always write back!”

This Q&A was posted online June 12, 2010 at Blog Stage.